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Is GDPR compliant & legally secure Contains all mandatory data is simple and fast you create with a few clicks was developed by experts

is GDPR compliant
and legally compliant
contains all
mandatory information
is easy
and fast
with just a few clicks
was developed by experts

We generate your legally compliant privacy policy automatically and in just a few minutes. Create online now and download immediately.

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  • A successful website includes a legally compliant data protection declaration and a Legal notice.
  • Choose from over 500 existing services or tell DIETER for which service you need an individual text. 
  • Including legally compliant texts for social media and stores.
  • Protect yourself from fines now by fulfilling your legal obligations quickly and easily.
  • DIETER wurde von Datenschutzbeauftragten und Anwälten entwickelt, um dir den Rücken freizuhalten und die Einhaltung
    der DSGVO sicherzustellen.
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Any questions?

Yes, in principle, every website operator must have a privacy policy.

This obligation arises from the GDPR. According to it, anyone who processes personal data must inform the data subjects about the details of the processing.Alreadywhen calling up a website ,at least the IP addresses of the website visitors are automatically forwarded or stored and thus processed. Since IP addresses are already to be included under personal data, the obligation to provide a data protection statement consequently applies to every website operator

A privacy policy must comprehensively inform the website visitor about which of his or her data is processed and what happens to it.

To this end, a privacy policy should contain the following information:

  • The responsible body and contact information for inquiries and complaints
  • Nature and purpose of the data processed
  • The legal basis
  • Recipient of the data
  • the storage period
  • Transfer to a third country
  • the use of cookies and tracking technologies
  • the possibility to revoke the consent
  • the rights of the data subjects (e.g. information, correction, deletion)


The privacy statement must be precise, transparent, in an easily accessible form and in clear and simple language so that data subjects can understand how their data is processed.

A privacy policy must be individual and fully inform about all data processing operations of the website. In addition, it must comply with the current legal situation, be formulated in appropriate language and be correctly linked on the website.

At DIETER simple and targeted questions ensure to find out all data processing operations on the website and to fully comply with data protection obligations by providing all necessary information. The content and texts are developed and reviewed by lawyers and data protection officers.

Ideally consider the privacy policy as an ongoing process that is constantly adapted to the current circumstances, be it on the part of the website or on the part of the legal situation, legal situation.

When DIETER creates a privacy statement, all required information is gathered by asking simple questions.

In concrete terms, this means: You click your way step-by-step through questions that can be answered with yes or no in most cases. For example: Do you offer a newsletter?

By asking clever questions and offering a wide range of predefined services, DIETER ensures that all mandatory information is included in the privacy policy. 

No specialized or prior knowledge is necessary to answer the questions.

The result is a complete document that contains all the necessary information and can be directly integrated into the website.

The privacy policy can always be adapted and thus react flexibly to actual or technical changes. DIETER itself always keeps an eye on legal changes and always provides you with the latest legally compliant version.

Consent is required for the use of digital tools and external third-party services. Tools are e.g. Google Analytics, Google reCAPTCHA, Google Maps, YouTube videos or live chats. Newsletter providers or cloud services are, for example, services provided by external providers.

When creating a privacy policy, all services and tools used on the website must first be recorded, regardless of whether they are third-party services or our own services.

Here is a selection of the services we already offer. You can order additional services individually via the app and we will add them to your privacy policy free of charge within a week. At the same time, the database grows for everyone:

Hetzner, E-Mail, Intercom, Hubspot, Calendly, Eventbrite, Google Forms, Borlabs Cookie, Wix, Mailchimp, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Social-Media-Elemente mit Shariff, Vimeo, Zoom, Bonitätsprüfung, Digistroe24, Billbee, Alfahosting, Telefon, Hubspot, Strato, Acuity Scheduling, Ticketmaster, Typeform, Cookiebot, webflow, MailJet, MailJet, Matomo, Facebook, Google Fonts, ClickMeeting, Stripe, CopeCart, Merchize, Automattic, Kontaktformular, crisp, Sendinblue, eTermin, Eventix, Jotform, ConsentManager, IONOS, Active Campaign, Active Campaign, LeadLab, Twitter, Adobe Fonts (Typekit-Schriftarten), TeamViewer, PayPal, ClickBank, Printify, DomainFactory, Chat, GetResponse, mailchimp, jameda, Squarespace, Formspree, Osano, DomainFactory, Clevereach, Clevereach, Youtube, Instagram, Font Awesome, Skype for Business, Apple Pay, UpPromote, Teeinblue, Host Europe, Chatbots, Userlike, WordPress, Doctolib, pretix, msforms, Cookie Notice & Compliance, Jimdo, CleverElements, CleverElements, google Maps, Tumblr, MyFonts, GoToMeeting, Google Pay, Shopify Collabs, Packlink Pro, IONOS, Whatsapp, Shopify Inbox, Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin,, elopage, Forminator (WordPress Plugin), Complianz, webgo, Klick-Tipp, Klick-Tipp, google conversion Tracking, LinkedIn, OpenStreetMap, Microsoft Teams, Klarna, AfterShip Affiliate, Mittwald, Telegram, DIVI for WordPress, Google Calendar, Meetup, WIX Forms, Pixelmate, STRATO, Rapidmail, Rapidmail, Google Ads Remarkerting, XING, Google reCAPTCHA, Google Hangouts, Paydirekt, Amazon Partnernet, Raidboxes, Shopify, timify, Edkimo, GDPR Legal Cookie by Shopify, GoDaddy, Sendinblue, Sendinblue, Google Tag Manager, Pinterest, hCaptcha, Google Meet, Sofortüberweisung, Tapfiliate, Squarespace, Jimdo, microsoft bookings, Lamapoll, CCM19, weebly, GetResponse, GetResponse, Google Ads, YouTube, Fiendly Captcha, Webex, Amazon Pay, Strato, Wix, BookingPress, Webflow Forms, Real Cookie Banner, Squarespace, MailerLite (wird als Hoster erkannt?), MailerLite, Google AdSense, Amazon Music, Wordfence, Whereby, Giropay, webflow, Jotform, cituro, intercom, Usercentrics, wordpress, Quentn, Quentn, Google DoubleClick, Apple Music, iThemes Security, Discord, Shopify Payment, webgo, Tellscale,, pollunit, Wix, Shopify, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Campaigns, Meta Pixel, Spotify, Ninja Firewall, American Express, WIX, Forminator (WordPress Plugin), EASYklaviyo, Ionos, Cargo, ConvertKit, ConvertKit, Hotjar, TikTok, SoundCloud, Mastercard, Amazon Web Services, IONOS, Hubspot, Squarespace, Typo 3 Cookie Consent , Webnode, MailPoet, MailPoet, etracker, Storyban, Spotify, VISA, Google Firebase, Wedabor, Start Booking, n8n, Squarespace, FunnelCockpit, Inxmail, Inxmail, IONOS WebAnalytics, Discord , Zendesk, Unionpay, Shopify (nur über Baukasten), WPForms, GoHighLevel, KlickTipp, Eigene Entwicklung , GetResponse, Postwerbung, Postwerbung, WP Statistic,, WooPayments, Jimdo, GoDaddy, Setmore, GoHighLevel, Shopware, All-inkl.,,, Squarespace Analytics, Tidio, Laybuy, Cargo, Squarespace, Fitogram Pro, Tripetto, Pixieset,, The Newsletter Plugin, sendGrid, Hotjar (doppelt?! 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We generally recommend that you have a privacy policy drawn up by an expert. Formal requirements for the author do not exist, however.

The creation requires a high degree of accuracy and requires that numerous different factors be thought of. In addition, current technological developments must be tracked in order to correctly capture the dynamic and competitive environment of service providers and adequately reflect it in the privacy statement.


The absence of a data protection declaration or the existence of an insufficient data protection declaration can have serious consequences. This is a violation of applicable data protection regulations (in Germany, in addition to the GDPR, the BDSG is particularly worth mentioning), which can be punished with a fine of up to 20 million euros or 4% of the annual turnover generated worldwide - whichever is higher.

All companies must comply with the requirements of the GDPR. This applies regardless of the number of employees and thus even to sole proprietors and solo self-employed. With Dieter, you don't have to worry anymore. We take care of everything you need to fulfill your legal obligation.

Warning letters due to GDPR violations have increased steadily in recent years. This is exemplified by the numerous warnings for the GDPR-compliant use of Google Fonts in the summer of 2022. Irrespective of the fact that some of these warnings were not lawful, they were based on a decision by the LG Munich in January 2022. In addition, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled at the end of 2022 that consumer associations are generally entitled to issue warnings for a GDPR violation. These (and other) court decisions suggest further waves of warning letters. These can affect all companies that do not take care of their legal obligations.

A GDPR-compliant website is the first step in effectively protecting yourself from warning letters. In 2022, there were already countless warnings due to the unlawful use of Google fonts. Dieter not only takes care of your data protection concerns, but also creates your Legal notice.

The data protection supervisory authorities have started to carry out random audits. For companies with fewer than 20 employees, the statistical risk of being affected by one is over 10:1.

In Germany, around 85% of all German companies were victims of a cyber attack in 2022. Each affected company incurred average costs of around €20,000 per incident. In addition, around 20% of customers terminate their contracts with affected companies or delete their accounts. Implementing mandatory technical and organizational measures (TOMs) alone significantly reduces the risk of being affected.

Almost all German companies use services from companies (Google, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, etc.) with which an international data protection contract (SCC/JC) must be concluded. In addition, digital service providers necessarily "receive" personal data from their clients for the service they offer. In these cases, it is imperative to check whether and with whom so-called order processing agreements (AVVs) must be concluded. Dieter takes over this check and also always provides the correct contract.

79% of Internet users are afraid of "data misuse". And quite rightly so! Because since 2022, personal data has been legally equivalent to a currency. Awareness of this is growing all the time. This data should be just as secure as a bank account. And that is what the implementation of the GDPR ensures.

More than 2/3 of the participants in a study on "Consumer data and data protection" (commissioned by McKinsey & Company) stated that they would no longer want to be a customer of or work with a company that does not protect their data or passes it on without a legal basis. It also proves that responsible handling of personal data and compliance with all legal obligations is a clear competitive advantage.

It refers to the fact that every person has the right to determine for themselves what personal (and therefore very private) data about them is collected, stored and used. It also provides the opportunity to prevent abuse, fraud and discrimination. Data protection is thus an essential component of the (fundamental) right to informational self-determination under the German Basic Law. This right protects the privacy, identity and freedom of every person and is therefore essential for a democratic society. Respecting it should be a matter of course for every company.

What our customers say

"I felt Dieter's orientation towards the concrete needs of self-employed people and smaller companies from the very first steps of the work. This solution exactly meets my requirements as well as my level of knowledge and ultimately the time I can and want to spend."

Martin H.
Independent Developer

"By translating the legal requirements into understandable language, we can easily retrieve all the necessary information. With Dieter, we have found the right solution for our company and generated a high level of legal certainty."

"Despite my focus on craftsmanship, customer data keeps me busy every day in the form of telephone numbers, billing and mail addresses. In addition, online business is also taking up more and more space. Therefore, I want the assurance that I am protected in case of doubt should one of my communication channels be breached under data protection law."

"Data protection should be implementable for every company! Without prior knowledge, affordable and with a small investment of time. That's exactly what this service offers."

Damian W.
Manager in the field: AI

That's why Dieter!

Dieter does the data protection. And you do your work.

All required GDPR documents

Dieter creates all necessary documents for the implementation of the GDPR, such as your privacy policy or even the directory of processing activities. The complex requirements of the GDPR are converted in an understandable way and queried via simple yes/no answer options.

The right processes for the job

Dieter does not leave you alone, but tells you what to do, when and how. Only with the right processes can you achieve effective data protection and save time and money in the process. You too can benefit from our automated solutions for your company.

Making decisions without prior knowledge

The integrated data protection management system allows you to start immediately without any prior knowledge. Dieter guides you understandably through all legal requirements and collects your results in one place. Complete your tasks "step by step" and in just 10 minutes per week.

Still undecided?
Book your privacy journey now and check in with Dieter.

Sometimes you just want to unstrap your backpack and head off on an adventure. You pack up and see what happens. It is often unclear when you arrive where and how. In this case, that's not a problem either. The journey itself is the destination.

However, on your journey to meet all data protection requirements, this "backpack strategy" is not recommended. You should know exactly which stages to take and when.

We plan your trip like a good travel agency. All inclusive, of course. Dieter takes the role of your guide and accompanies you from the beginning. This may sound a bit boring. But do you really want to experience an adventure with an uncertain outcome?