The all-in-one solution for your data protection.

All required GDPR documents

Dieter creates all necessary documents for the implementation of the GDPR, such as your privacy policy or even the directory of processing activities. The complex requirements of the GDPR are converted in an understandable way and queried via simple yes/no answer options.

The right processes for the job

Dieter does not leave you alone, but tells you what to do, when and how. Only with the right processes can you achieve effective data protection and save time and money in the process. You too can benefit from our automated solutions for your company.

Making decisions without prior knowledge

The integrated data protection management system allows you to start immediately without any prior knowledge. Dieter guides you understandably through all legal requirements and collects your results in one place. Complete your tasks "step by step" and in just 10 minutes per week.

This is how our customers with Dieter

Concrete cases

This can happen if data protection is not seriously implemented!


Customer inquiry! And now?

Every year, the number of customer requests to companies demanding "GDPR rights" increases (e.g. right of access under Art. 15 GDPR, right to erasure under Art. 17 GDPR, etc.). If companies do not know what, when and how to do here, this often ends in disaster. Dissatisfied customers turn to the supervisory authorities, satisfied customers lose their trust in the company, or in the worst case, data is deleted that should have been kept longer (for example, for tax reasons).

Through our data protection management system, you answer all questions in a timely, legally compliant manner and no longer have to worry.

One wrong click! What now?

You have sent an email to the wrong recipient. Or "in CC instead of BCC". That is first of all a data protection breach in the sense of the GDPR. Depending on the exact content and scope of the email, you are now subject to a wide range of obligations (usually within 48 hours).

"Dieter" will review the incident for you, create the appropriate documents, and help you meet all deadlines and requirements.

Warning! And now?

Although it is not yet 100% clear which violations of the GDPR are subject to warning letters, these warning letters are constantly increasing. And there is an absolutely simple solution: fulfill your data protection obligations and thus do not offer a target for potential warnings in the first place.

"Dieter does data protection" takes care of your entire business. So that you have your head free and time for your real tasks.

Request from the authorities! And then?

The data protection supervisory authority asks a small company about the legality of video surveillance. However, since it is "only" a dummy, the company sees no need for action. A mistake that costs €10,000 in fines a few weeks later.

With us, you communicate with their competent authority in a timely manner and at eye level. Avoid penalties from the first day of booking.

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