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"I felt Dieter's orientation towards the concrete needs of self-employed people and smaller companies from the very first steps of the work. This solution exactly meets my requirements as well as my level of knowledge and ultimately the time I can and want to spend."

Pascal H.
Independent Developer

“Durch eine Übersetzung der rechtlichen Anforderungen in eine verständliche Sprache können wir alle nötigen Informationen leicht abfragen. Mit Dieter haben wir die passende
Lösung für unser Unternehmen gefunden und eine hohe Rechtssicherheit erzeugt.”

"Despite my focus on craftsmanship, customer data keeps me busy every day in the form of telephone numbers, billing and mail addresses. In addition, online business is also taking up more and more space. Therefore, I want the assurance that I am protected in case of doubt should one of my communication channels be breached under data protection law."

"Data protection should be implementable for every company! Without prior knowledge, affordable and with a small investment of time. That's exactly what this service offers."

Damian W.
Manager in the field: AI

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