DIETER was developed by a lawyer and data protection officer, a UX designer and business economist, and a data scientist and full-stack web developer.

In addition to a long-standing friendship, we are connected by an increasing number of inquiries on data protection issues and thus a clear realization: Existing solutions are very time-consuming and cost-intensive and still usually do not deliver satisfactory results.


From our daily work we know the demands of the GDPR on companies and the appropriate solutions. So we have combined our knowledge and skills in Dieter and set ourselves the goal:

Datenschutz soll für jedes Unternehmen umsetzbar sein! Ohne Vorkenntnisse, bezahlbar und mit einem geringen

Principles of simply Legal GmbH


We are convinced that all people should spend as much time as possible in their lives on "activities of pleasure". Meeting the legal requirements of the GDPR is certainly not one of them for most. That's why we work to keep this (necessary and) annoying part as small as possible for our customers.


Every individual is often capable of much more than he or she gives himself or herself credit for. We can make a small contribution to the empowerment of the individual by breaking through the sovereignty principle of so-called legal experts. A large part of (data protection) law can be automated and can be mastered by anyone without prior knowledge.


The new digital contract law (Section 312 (1a) and Section 327 (3) of the German Civil Code) equates the transfer of personal data for supposedly free online services with a monetary payment. This means a legal equation of money and data. Your money should be as safe as possible. So should your data.



We rethink "law" and therefore look for the simplest solution to meet all data protection requirements. In this way, our customers achieve GDPR-compliant processes in the long term and can start with the real "pain points". The level of data protection in each company builds up piece by piece. Our customers receive fundamentally effective protection against penalties from day one.